At D'ALMEIDA, we believe that every hat should be a true reflection of its owner. Embark with us on a custom hat journey, a journey of creation, where we ascertain the perfect fit, proportions, and options to add a personal touch. What emerges is not just a hat; it's a genuine work of art that narrates a story - your story.

D’ALMEIDA is at heart a deeply personal and bespoke endeavour.

We work intimately with you through the journey of creation to bring your vision to life. Select from the most sophisticated range of options to craft a truly unique piece.

The Portuguese art of hat making

Portugal is where we life, create and grow. The craft of hat making is deeply rooted here in our homeland. We want to preserve this tradition and a product that is lovingly handmade and carries a unique energy.

Unique handcrafted masterpieces

Impeccable quality and attention to detail is pivotal to D’ALMEIDA. We pride ourselves on creating pieces that encapsulate the essence of their owners. This is achieved through using the finest materials and sophisticated finishing techniques of the Portuguese millinery trade.