Journey of Creation

Creating a custom hat with us - How it works

Schedule your personal consultation

To start your custom hat journey, we ask you to book a private consultation with us. You will either have the option to meet us personally in Lisbon, or remotely. If you decide to have your personal consultation remotely, we will send a measurement kit and delightful surprise ahead of the meeting.

Personal consultation & precise measurement

In this pivotal phase, we dedicate a one-hour consultation to uncovering your unique vision. Whether at our Lisbon Atelier or remotely, our artisans take precise measurements and collaborate closely with you. We breathe life into your imagination, suggesting refined touches that elevate the design to its fullest potential. Together, we create a cherished masterpiece that captures the essence of you.

Handcrafting your hat in 150 steps

Every hat is made-to-order, meticulously handcrafted by master artisans. Drawing from the rich traditions of the Portuguese milliner trade, we breathe life into your selected materials.

Elegance unboxed

After six weeks of meticulous craftsmanship, your custom hat is now ready to grace your world. Embracing the essence of Portugal, our beautiful hat box is designed to delight the senses. As you open it, a sophisticated scent, reminiscent of the enchanting landscapes and traditions of Portugal, gently wafts into the air, adding an extra layer of elegance to your unique creation.